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HiwaRO strives to bring you and your friends the best RO experience possible.
With multiple automated / GM Hosted and other Events, Games, Quests and many more features,
we can offer a wide variety for each RO fanatic out there. Come and join HiwaRO and see it for yourself !

Server Information

Information Description
Episode 10.2 Lighthalzen
Multi Clienting Disabled to motivate players to party
Main/Vending Town Prontera
Base EXP 5x
Job EXP 5x
Quest EXP 5x
Normal Item/Card/Equipment Drop Rate 3x
MvP Card/Item/Equipment Drop Rate 1x
Max Base-Level 99
Max Job-Level 70
Max Stats 99
Max ASPD 195
Mechanics Pre-renewal-Trans Class
Party Share Range 15
Weekend Rates
Base EXP 7x
Job EXP 7x

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