Here’s some basic information about our server. For more information you can visit our Server Features page.

Rate / Stats InformationDescription
Base Exp5x
Job Exp5x
Quest EXP5x
Normal Item/Card/ Equipment Drop Rate3x
MvP Card /Item/Equipment Drop Rate1x
Max Base Level99
Max Job Level70
Max Stats99
Max ASPD190
Instant Cast150 Dex
Gameplay InformationDescription
Main LanguageEnglish
Server LocationNew York
Episode 10.2 Lighthalzen
Multi ClientingDisabled to motivate players to party.
Main / Vending Town Prontera
MechanicsPre-Renewal Trans Class
Party Share Range15
Extended BattlegroundDisabled until later episode(TBA).
Extended VendingUse Zeny, Poring Coin & Cash Shop currencies.
MVP CardsEnabled


This is some of the commands available on the server.
To see see the full list simply visit our Wiki page.


Instead of picking up items one by one you can use this command to pick all of the closest items to your character at once.


Use this command to verify what’s the actual Race Of The Day.


Very useful when it comes to buying and vending items. You can search who will buy your items and who’s selling what you’re looking for.


Toggle to lock or release your character’s position. You can still cast and use skills.


This command can be useful if you experience bugs like a character that is stucked. We added a 4 seconds delay between each use to avoid abuse with certain skills animations.


Mostly usefull for supports who needs to see the active buffs on his party members.
You can also use @showpartybuff


This is some modifications we brought to classes and the game in general.

You can use lvl 1 and avoid the selection menu.
Ground Skills: 
As soon as a player who casted a ground skill dies, the skill will end.
Increased Arrow Consumption:
Double Strafe now logically use 2 arrows instead of 1 & Arrow Shower use 10 arrows instead of 1.
Alchemist Summons:
None of the summon will drop items anymore.

*All those features, excepted for Multi Clienting, were removed because they’re not available on episode 10.2. They will be added later on, just like any normal episodic content. The Navigation system on the other end, will never be added due to being a Renewal feature.

Many other changes have been diffed to our client to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for our players, but it’s frequent features for the most part, which is why we won’t list them here.

Multi Client: Disabled 
Navigation System: Disabled 
World Map: Disabled
Bank Quick Access Button: Disabled

Angeling Card:
Arc Angeling Card:
Ghostring Card:
Dead & Bloody Branch:
Only usable in the Branch Room located in Prontera.

The HP rate of MVPs has been increased from 100% to 200%
The monsters that loot items, are gonna look for the nearest items from the cell they’re positioned.
Mob AI 1:
Monsters that are provoked will always change target to the provoking person, even if they would usually not change target on attack.
Mob AI 2:
Mobs scatter as soon as they lose their target.
Mi Gao:
Removed their Metamorphosis skill to avoid abuse.

Even Share Bonus:
Each player will receive a 15% bonus experience for every member in their party.
Idle party members won’t receive exp/items.
Even Share Lvl Gap:
The level gap has been increased to 15.

Death Penality:
-1% Base and Job exp.

Decreased the selling price from 10,000z to 5,000z. (-50%)
Witherless Rose:
Decreased the selling price from 27,500z to 13,750z. (-50%)
Decreased the selling price from 3,000z to 1,500z. (-50%)
Gold Ring:
Decreased the selling price from 15,000z to 7,500z. (-50%)
Diamond Ring:
Decreased the selling price from 22,500z to 11,250z. (-50%)
Crystal Mirror:
Decreased the selling price from 7,500z to 3,750z. (-50%)
Decreased the selling price from 9,750z to 4,875z. (-50%)


Here’s some information about a few services we offer to our players to make their experience the best possible. If you have any questions feel free to use the FB Live Chat or Discord.


We offer various type of support, do not worry, if you experience any issue let us know!

Always There For You

You can request support from our Facebook Live Chat, with our Help Desk and on discord by using the #support channel.


No only we offer a very stable PC client, we will also release safe & stable mobile clients.

Variety is important to us

We make sure our clients are very stable and protected against botting and any other kind of possible abuses. We will ensure that you feel safe using any of our clients. 


Security is really important for us. That's why we acquired an official Gepard license.


Not only we protected the game itself, but we also protected our Linux Server with the best protections possible. Also, our host “Digital Ocean” is reknown for its security measures.

Ragnarok Online